Leonidion is called “Agie Lidi” in the Tsakonian dialect that derived from the Doric Ancient Greek. This picturesque town with its traditional architecture lies on the hills smoothly descending towards the sea and full with citrus fruit trees and olive groves. The Daphnonas river lying in the centre of the valley is dry all year except the rainy winter days when it brings bubbling streams of ice-cold water from the mountain slopes to the sea. Impressive Red Rock towers above Leonidion, reflecting the sun from dawn to dusk. These rocks are a natural watch tower and a refuge, and for many centuries they played an important part in the military history of the region.

Leonidion is situated in the mid-eastern region of the Peloponnese. Today it is the capital of Kynouria and of the famous land of Tsakonia. The Municipality of Leonidion is located in the town. Almost six thousand people live and work within the borders of the municipality, and the population of Leonidion is almost four thousand people. Most of its inhabitants are native Tsakonians dedicated to their homeland and since ancient times known for being ready to protect it with the devotion of a warrior. The name of the town derives from Saint Leonidas who died a horrible death as a martyr in the third century, together with his seven spiritual children. Their venerated bodies were washed ashore on the coast of Kynouria.

The wealth gathered in Tsakonia is reflected in its shining tower houses. Leonidion is a town which has preserved over one hundred and twenty houses built in the early 19th century and after that. Beautiful stone-paved yards and cobble-stoned streets embrace the stunning stone-built structures. The three windmills still stand towering on a hill above the town. Leonidion gained the status of a traditional settlement, which allowed it to preserve the character of its architecture.