Local History

Leonidion is a town steeped in history and that is why it also has a great interest in the subject. An indication of this fondness is the fact that many people of Leonidion are involved in collecting historical sources, even on an amateur level, as a hobby of self-discovery. History, of course, is not only written in outstanding letters and glaring headlines. History is also comprised of the little things of everyday life, the attitudes to life of the people and their progress.

Leonidion is a pioneer in researching and recording local history. The Local Historical Archive of Leonidion (Tsakonian) is a branch of the General State Archives. The Archive was founded in 1974 and initially operated under the care of the Monitoring Committee. In 1985 it came under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Education. It is housed in the Folk Library, in a hall belonging to the Municipality of Leonidion.

The objective of the Archive is to preserve memories of the homeland, both through important texts and testimonies, such as those of the Hellenists and travelers and to preserve the simple, everyday practices which bring the history of the land alive before our eyes.