The Tsakonian Costume

All the wealth brought to Kynouria through prosperous trade was expressed in these elaborate female costumes. The Tsakonian Costume does not simply dress the female figure. It transforms it into a living statue. The fine red color transforms the costume into a hymn to fertility. Both the simple peasant attire, and heavy and rich costume, the Tsakonian Costume expresses a tribute to the female nature.

With the passing of time, small alterations and improvements have given the costumes their modern forms. Yet despite this, nothing was out of measure. The entire ensemble had almost an architectural structure which drew attention to the face of a woman, to her expression and ultimately to her personality.

Women still wear their ancient costumes (are called “tzoumbeloudes”) and dance at many festivals and celebrations that take place in Leonidion and other Tsakonian villages. It is similar to the dance that began at the dawn of the world, and it is as if its final twists and turns have not yet been performed, forever fading into the future.