Historical Recursion

In 1966 George Kourtesis, a hairdresser, through a lot of hard work and by many sacrifices managed to buy this piece of land making one of his dreams come true: to have a stead by the sea in his hometown!

In 1971 the two-storey house was built, and in 1972 Kourtesis got the license from the Greek National Tourist Organisation. Since then he began to rent four double rooms on the seaside area of Plaka (the port of Leonidion) and continued till 2006.

In the Winter of 2013, the reconstruction of the building began under the auspices of the Business Program “Competitiveness and Εntrepreneurship – National Strategic Frame Reference” (NSRF 2007 – 2013). The work was finished in the Autumn of 2015. Now, instead of the four double rooms on the first floor there are two fully furnished apartments for rent (3 keys category). Each one of them has three spaces: a living room with a kitchen and two bedrooms. The ground floor holds the reception and the common living room for the guests.