The Tsakonian Dialect

It is undisputed that the origin of the people of Tsakonia is Dorian. The Tsakonian dialect (some scholars argue that it is a separate language) proves this point being pure and original descendant of Dorian dialect of Ancient Greek. This dialect is considered to be the most ancient among languages and dialects spoken in Greece. While in the 3rd century B.C. the common Alexandrian language prevailed throughout the Hellenic territories, the Doric language was preserved in mountaneous Kynouria in its original form. This dialect escaped the hurdle of the medieval language which developed into the modern Greek we know today, because of Kynouria’s relative isolation. The Tsakonian dialect also survived outside Greece in the colonies of the Tsakonians, for example, at the Sea of Marmara.

The Tsakonian dialect managed to reach our times in a lively and dynamic form. It has been spoken since approximately 3.000 years ago in Tsakonia, Arcadia, which today incorporates an area of land covering 30-40 km long and 15-20 km wide, from the eastern foothills of Mount Parnonas reaching as far as the Argolic Gulf.

The Tsakonian dialect is a unique linguistic phenomenon which is worthy of research. It attracts the attention of experts from Greece and other countries. The Tsakonian dialect is our chance to listen to the language of our ancestors as it was spoken thousands of years ago, in its original form, unchanged and powerful, regardless of any misinterpretations of scholars and literary experts.