If Mount Parnonas were to be one pillar of Leonidion, the other would be the Argolic Gulf. Its intricate beaches and friendly peninsulas form a wonderful terrain. Small taverns and shops create a truly beautiful picture and a warm atmosphere. The beaches have pebbles of different colors and crystal clear waters. The people of Kynouria make sure that their beaches are kept clean and that the environment and atmosphere of their region is not altered. This has led to the development of tourism industry of the area without suffering the negative impact that tourism sometimes brings. Today we can still enjoy this land in its authentic, unaltered and proud state.

The charm of these coastal seas of Kynouria is the reason why many visitors, locals and foreigners, choose to come here during the summer months. They prefer these beaches for their hot sun, hospitality of the locals, the cleanliness of the sea, many available ways to pass the time: sports, fishing, the picturesque nature of the area, the traditional aspect of it, the quality of life of its inhabitants, the local cultural events and the hospitality services that are ready to be provided!

It is no exaggeration to say that the sea and the coasts of Kynouria have no reason to envy any other famous coasts of our country. In many ways, they are incomparable:

Suggested Beaches