Agios Vasilios

Agios Vasilios is a small village rich with trees, greenery and springs. In the centre of the village you will find a picturesque square with plane trees and a spring clad with marble and decorated with stone fountains. There are some large stone houses with two and three floors and the ruins of a medieval castle.

This area was of great military significance. The village played an important role in the National Resistance during the German and Italian occupation. Agios Vasilios paid a heavy price for its heroism, many of its dwellers fell victims of war. During cleansing operations the village was burned down by the Germans in retaliation. For this reason a monument to the heroes that died during the occupation and the civil war was erected on the central square.


Distance (Starting Point – Plaka) : 32 KM
Trip Duration (Αverage Speed) : 55 MINUTES