Holy Monastery of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) of Karya

The oldest Tsakonian friary dedicated to Saint Nicholas. It is situated at an altitude of 600 meters amongst forest covered peaks. The Saint is celebrated on December the 6th and also on July the 8th. It is a set of two and three-floor cells with the main church in the center. It was probably built in 1580 by the Athonites who came from the Monastery of Karyes at Mount Athos.

The small cruciform church is of an Athonic order with an impressive dodecagonal dome that seems to float above it. Its icons were created during different periods. The iconostasis is made of walnut wood and considered to be a true masterpiece.

The monastery floor, a fine example of folk art, depicts mystical beings. Its severe design aesthetics, with cool colors interchanging with warmer touches, leaves a lasting impression on every pilgrim.