Is one of the most picturesque villages of Kynouria with a long ancient history. It is situated on a slope at an altitude of 850 meters. Its residents are agricultural farmers. The beautiful stone built manors and cobbled streets create a harmonious ensemble, concealed within the fir forests of Mount Parnonas. The natural environment is rich in fir trees and cedar trees, natural springs and running waters. Remains of Mycenaean tombs have been found here which shows the antiquity of the hamlet.

There are many caves. These caves were known since the ancient times and they clearly played a significant role in religious life. The caves are open to visitors and make up a secret underground network. Tristomo, Alikousi and Propantes are part of the mysterious labyrinths luring us inside. The ripples of stalagmites and stalactites are beyond any description, their huge formations look as if they came from another world.


Distance (Starting Point – Plaka) : 25 KM
Trip Duration (Αverage Speed) : 40 MINUTES