To the south of Leonidion, on a small plateau one can find a village of Peleta. It is a typical Tsakonian village with two-storey stone built houses. It is surrounded by wild untouched landscape. Today approximately 200 people live there. The beautiful square of the village lies under the shadow of plane and sycamore trees. Traditional taverns offer special dishes and, of course, the famous aromatic red wine of Peleta. There is a clear view of the Argolic Gulf from the height of Peleta.

Because of the rocky ground and the mild climate vineyards bearing fragrant fruits are abundant on the plateau. There is also a famous deep cave of Peleta which descends 490 meters below the surface of the earth. This is a challenge and a prize location for speleologists. From time to time the underground waters flow into the sea forming what looks like large red eyes. The sinkholes of Peleta are the deepest in the Peloponnese and the second deepest in Greece. Their exploration is of great significance, because it hosts unknown species of flora and fauna.


Distance (Starting Point – Plaka) : 15 KM
Trip Duration (Αverage Speed) : 25 MINUTES