The name Poulithra is a distortion of the ancient Greek word “Polichni”. Ancient Polichni is referred to by the great Metropolitan historian, Polyvius. There used to be an ancient acropolis near the port and there are ruins of a medieval castle nearby as well. The wetland keeps traces of ancient human activity. Ancient ship moorings have been found there, which shows the presence of a port in the ancient times.

Poulithra is an exceptional place. It has two neighbourhoods and many stone built manors, yards full of flowers, fishing boats, pebbled beaches with Mount Parnonas overlooking it all. All these delights find a place in the heart and mind of every traveler. The spell cast by the rainbow colors of the sea make this village an enchanting place. Poulithra attracts many artists because it promises many special views and an enjoyable stay with lots of ways to entertain oneself.


Distance (Starting Point – Plaka) : 5 KM
Trip Duration (Αverage Speed) : 10 MINUTES