Vaskina is located to the north-west of Leonidion, on the slopes of mount Parnonas. There is a clear view to the valley of Leonidion from the top of the slope. Vaskina has two separate settlements: Ano (Higher) and Kato (Lower) Vaskina. This is a typical Tsakonian village, and its small population consists mainly of livestock farmers.

In the end of August a big celebration is held there known as the “Day of the Shepherds”. This is a wonderful opportunity for people to gather together and celebrate in the old-fashioned manner. The hospitable shepherds offer goats and lambs that are roasted in large wooden ovens as well as wine, homemade bread, appetizers and local speciality-boiled goat.


Distance (Starting Point – Plaka) : 23 KM
Trip Duration (Αverage Speed) : 40 MINUTES